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Escape from Excel Hell ……….. PICC Data Collection Tool

Please help us. We are trying to determine the need for a better data collection tool (software or online) for PICC and other VAD procedures, so we created a survey that takes less than 1 minute. It's anonymous (unless you want to enter a drawing for a $50 American Express Card) and will help answer the question "Is there enough need and interest in this to make it worthwhile to build?".

Click Here to take Survey

For those of you who don't know me, I presented at INS a few years back (on data collection) and I have been a nurse in Vascular Access since the 80's. I remember Bavan (the genesis of AVA) when we used to sit in a 6 person booth in a Bay Area restaurant and not all the seats were taken. I was always frustrated by the sorting and report process with Excel and now I have the time, energy and resources to create something better. If you have any added comments that you think will help, post them here. Why is it that 20 years later, we are still using spreadsheets when there are better ways of analyzing our outcomes.

Thank You, Rich Lewis, RN



Thanks for the comment.

Thanks for the comment. That's what the survey is helping us determine. The insertion data might be a little different (different devices, etc.) but the monitoring should be similar. Are you really in Riyadh KSA? Spent 18 mos in Tabuk myself and left with alot of good memories and more than enough funny stories. :-) Rich Lewis, RN

Thanks to all who fill out

Thanks to all who fill out the survey. Results are very interesting to say the least.


Rich Lewis, RN

KSAIV,    Drop me a note

KSAIV,    Drop me a note by email please. My address is at the top of the survey.


Rich Lewis, RN

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