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Hello All.

How does everyone drag their supplies and equipment around the hospital? We currently use the Site-Rite sono that has some wire baskets tied to it, full of supplies. Each Picc insert needs the PICC kit, sterile gown, towels and drape, gloves, biopatch, nexus valves, chloraprep, syringes, needle guide, etc. Our facility will not purchase an all-in-one pack. Believe me, we tried to get that. We only had two CRBI's last year and only one was a PICC so that argument won't work(!!). Good for patients, bad for us!

We bring the whole thing into each room and of course the supplies touch the bed, linens, etc. Even in contact precaution rooms. We try to drape the supplies with a yellow contact gown but that seems sketchy at best. The cart does get a wipe-down after each patient but not all the supplies.

Has anyone run into this with JCAHO? What have they said?

The only solution we can see is two carts, one with the sono, another closed cart (code-type) with supplies. This presents a problem when we are by ourselves. Our facility has 7 buildings and stretches over 1/2 mile. I can hear my spine begging for mercy as I type!

Any tips for brands of carts or ideas would be great. My google searches have been fruitless.





Have you discussed this with

Have you discussed this with your infection control nurse?  I think I would get that person involved because I see an issue with this that could be a problem with JCAHO.

Valorie Dunn, RN, BSN, CRNI

Infusion Therapy Coordinator

St Elizabeht Regional Health

Valorie Dunn,BSN, RN, CRNI, PLNC

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