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"Emergency" IV access

We have had a policy statement forever that states "peripheral saline lock may be started in an emergency, to ensure IV access". We are revising a lot of our policies/procedures to correspond with INS /CDC changes. Our clinical manager (not an IV nurse) is questioning this statement. Does anyone else have something like it ? This doesn't pertain to a Code situation-MD is always there to run and IV Team provides access if needed. Thank You!

 How do you define "an

 How do you define "an emergency"? I woiuld direct you to the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, #32, 33, and 35. There are no direct statements about this "emergent" situation but these standards state your facility must have policies, procedures, and practice guidelines. So it is acceptable to have such a policy for PIV insertion. This does raise many questions though. What happens if a PIV is in place and the infusion therapy prescribed at a later time requires a CVAD? Will the primary care staff nurse know the difference? All VADs should be removed when they are no longer essential for medical management. Who decides when that catheter is taken out or when it is no longer necessary for care? Your written policy should address these issues as well as insertion. Lynn

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