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Elastomeric Device for Continuous Chemotherapy-5FU
Is anyone out there using these devices for continuous 5FU infusions over 44,46, & 48hours?  And if so, what brand and what are your experiences with accuracy, etc.  Thanks for any input!
Nancy Kirchner
Never used for 5FU but found

Never used for 5FU but found with continuous antibiotic therapy the brand Homepump was very unreliable. Pt.'s found with infusions ending hours ahead or not fully infusing over just a 24h period. Can't imagine using for any longer period of time.


Nancy Kirchner, RN BSN Director of Clinical Services Professional Home Care Vestal, NY

Katie Howard
I work for a large homecare
I work for a large homecare company. We used the I-flo elastomeric homepump. The manufacturers insert says they are reliable within 20% of prescribed dose. We found that to be true but most Hem/Onc docs are not comfortable with such a large margin of error. We currently use them only with antibiotics because of the inaccuracy. Patients love the convenience, but with chemo, it is not worth the dose inaccuracies.
We used the Eclipse in the

We used the Eclipse in the past and now use the one by Baxter

Ann Marie

Ann Marie Parry, RN, CRNI, VA-BC

[email protected]

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