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kathy hinson
Early Assessment on admission and full service IV Therapy throughout the hospital stay.
All,  We are looking for evidence-based best practice utilizing Early Assessment on admission and following up with full service IV Therapy 24/7 throughout the hospital stay.  Those of you who are offering this service please respond with your evidence-based best practice.  Thanks so much!
Rachel Muller
Hi Kathy and all forum

Hi Kathy and all forum members,

I was also requiring an assessment tool to assist in the care planning of a patients IV access requirments during treatment.  The objective would be to have early intervention and planning ie. to have requests for PICC's submitted at the beginning of the patients treatment rather that at the point where all peripheral cannulation options have been exhausted.  I would like this toll to be used at the time of admission.

Any help would be appreciated.

Rachel Muller

Clinical Nurse, Radiology - Vascular Access Nurse

Royal Brisbane Hospital, Queensland, AUSTRALIA


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