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Dressing changes how often?

I am just wondering how often dressing changes are done in other facilities.  We are new vascular access dept. up and running for almost a year now.  We insert PICC's, plus we also do surveillence on all central lines, including all triple lumens, swans , IABP, PICC"S, PAC, and hemo catheters.  We site check them every day and make sure dressings are changed on time, sites look good and dressings are intact.  We also do most of the dressing changes and keep tract of when they are due etc.  How often does everyone change dressings?  We do all lines every 4 days,  PAC we reaccess every 7 days, and PICC"s we change dressings on every 7 days we don't do a 24 or 48 hr. change because we place a biopatch on with insertion and don't use guaze.  Just wondering if we can do it different if anyone else does and if so where I can find the literature to support it. Thanks.

We do similar to you
We do similar to you but our TPM dressings on CVCs are changed every 7 days if they last that long. We use biopatch on all CVC.  Gauze is used on lines with drainage or for allergy to TPM drsgs and is then changed q 48 hours if not soiled and intact  We use biopatch as well on PICC insertion IF using a tapered catheter. I find non-tapered catheters will still ooze after the dressing is applied even if it looks dry when the dressing is applied.
We do just abut the same as
We do just abut the same as you but we do all central line dressing changes every 7 days.  Most of our dressings usually stay on for the full time and we check them every day to make sure that they stay clean and intact.  We use biopatches on all central lines since we do all the dressing changes.  I am curious about why you change dressings at 4 days.
I guess we do dressings
I guess we do dressings every 4 days according to CDC guidlines.
CDC recommendation is at

CDC recommendation is at least every 7 days for transparent dressings and at least every 48 hours for gauze

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