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Does flushing first require before blood draw?

Sorry, this maybe sounds like a silly question. 

Do we have to flush the catheter lumen first before drawing blood from it, and what's the rationale for that?  

Thank you 

Not every CVAD is going to

Not every CVAD is going to yield a blood return much less draw a full sample. Flushing first removes the previous locking solution and helps to determine if there is any obstructions that prohibit good fluid flow. So flushing is a good idea. 

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Denise Doscher
Flushing CVAD before drawing blood

I have never practiced this in my 20 plus years, I noticied it when I was being oriented from a young infusion nurse.  You say it is a good idea to flush prior to removed previous locking solution, but I thought the waste serves that purpose.  My question is where did this thought come from and why do you say not every CVAD's yields blood and maybe not enough.  I know that happens but my understanding is that they should and can cause complications of infection and failure if not fixed. Now I was a nurse trainer for Cathflo, am I brainwashed, lol.  Or should CVAD's not be fixed if no blood return?


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