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documentation of Peripheral IV catheter length

At our hospital we are evaluating our documentation for vascular access.  We have a few questions related to peripheral IV catheter documentation.  Do you document the length of your 24g, 22g, 20g or 18g  PIV catheter on insertion?  Do you then document the length on removal? And how do you verify the length ?   Do all RNs throughout your institution document catheter length on insertion and removal of their PIVs?


Thank you for all your input

Nancy Rose RN IV Team VA

Nancy Rose RN IV Team VA Medical Center Wilmington, DE (800) 461-8262 ext 4830

We don't document the length of a peripheral catheter when removed. I write, "catheter removed intact."

Nancy Rose 

Glenda Dennis
We don't document catheter
We don't document catheter length except for central lines.
Nancy Safranek
Yes, using a simple IV flow
Yes, using a simple IV flow sheet every IV started has length documented (by even staff nurses) & the same flow sheet has a "Tip intact" spot at removal.  Makes life simple.  

Nancy S.

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