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Disinfection Caps for PIVs

Our facility is exploring the use of disinfection caps (Curos) for all patients with any IV access, including PIV without central access.  I'm trying to find any supportive evidence and would appreciate any input, pro or con.  I have the articles from the Mercy Hospital and Methodist Hospitals that were published in JAVA, but am hoping to find more, and more recent if there's anything out there.  Interested in whether your facilities are using disinfection caps for PIVs alone, too. 


J Cutitta



All routes to the bloodstream

All routes to the bloodstream present risks. A PIVC is no less risk than a CVAD to allow entry of organisms. Why would this even be a question? I use this analogy - you can enter an interstate highway on a single lane entrance ramp in a rural area or you can enter on a multiple lane ramp in the suburbs. Either way you still get into the flow of traffic and can reach the heart of the city. Here are a couple of articles

Slater K, Cooke M, Whitby M, et al. Microorganisms present on peripheral intravenous needleless connectors in the clinical environment. American journal of infection control. 2017;45(8):932-934.

Slater K, Cooke M, Fullerton F, et al. Peripheral intravenous catheter needleless connector decontamination study—Randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Infection Control. 2020.

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