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Patty Janousek
discard specimen with central line access

This question was asked of me regarding Heparinizing the new Power Port from Bard. Because we Heparinize the port upon needle removal and patient discharge, the next time the patient is admitted, and port accessed, do we need to discard that first specimen? I will admit that our proactice has never asked for the first specimen to be discarded from any central line prior to flush. Our exception is the rare time that we are going to access a Hemodialysis catheter for IV use. Then we do aspirate and discard, but that is Heparin 1000units/ml. Our Power Port is flushed with Heparin 100units/ml. I am wondering what other people are doing in regards to central line access. Is the line aspirated first, specimen discarded, and THEN flushed? Thanks, Patty

Heparin aspiration is only
Heparin aspiration is only needed when the high doses are used and the patient could reach a therapeutic blood level by flushing the intraluminal volume into the patient. If using 100 units per mL, and the lumen holds 1.5 to 2 mL this would only be 150 to 200 units the patient is receiving. In most cases that is not enough to worry about. Of course, heparin should not be used at all if there is any evidence of HIT based on platelet drops. Lynn

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