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Barb Nickel
Diprivan tubing change

A quick question on tubing changes for propofol.  We change the primary propofol tubing q 12 hr per standard.  Since propofol is compatible with some meds, staff has connected another primary set at the Y-site of the propofol infusion nearest to the insertion site using two separate pumps (if sites are limited).  When changing the tubing on the Propofol Q 12 (there’s no specific mention in literature that I’ve seen), but it would make sense to consider changing the other primary set q 12 as well (or at least q 24 hr) since it is continuous with the propofol. Have there been any practice statements on this?  In a similar situation with TPN/lipids, we do not use a 3:1 TPN set, but piggyback the lipids in below the filter. When we change this combination tubing, we do the whole set q 24 hr, so it seems to be a similar issue.    Thanks,  barb    St Francis,  GI, Nebr.