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Heather Nichols
Dialysis catheters and cortis

Can any RN pull a dialysis catheter?  What is everyone elses policy on this issue?  Also, should a cortis be allowed to leave the ICU?  If so, only the PCU, or also the floors?  Should any RN be able to pull a cortis?  Just curious as to what everyone else is doing.


Thanks!  Heather

This question came up in my
This question came up in my hospital as well.  I know many Dialysis catheters are placed as jugular non-tunneled CVCs but I'm not clear about how many tunneled dialysis catheters are being used in current clinical practice.  Since discontinuing the non-tunneled catheters is essentially the same as any other non-tunneled catheter that is easy to address but I do wonder how much of a factor the tunneled models would be in the market.  Please advise since we need to address this in a new P&P.
At my facility RN's are not
At my facility RN's are not to pull any dialysis lines.  Like Donna, we also discourage a Cordis from leaving the ICU.  Usually a PICC is ordered to pull any type of CVV prior to transfer from ICU.  If the pt. is not a PICC candidate the cordis is exchnaged for a CVC.  I believe the ICU nurse remove the cordis as it is not tunnelled.

Lisa Y., RN, BSN University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Horizon IV Therapy

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