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Decreasing risk of BSI with PIV's

I recently attended the AVA conference and a lot of reference was made to future quidelines coming around tracking and monitoring of BSI's from PIV's.  Our hospital is looking at implementing some improvements around decreasing this risk.  Lynn do you know what the recommendations might be when the INS 2021 guidelines are released?  And do you know of any publications that speak to this problem.  The three of us that attended the conference are looking at making a presentation to the rest of our team and managers to start the process.  But, we know their first question will be what is the evidence and how do we know this will become a guideline.

No, I do not know yet what

No, I do not know yet what the 2021 INS SOP will state. Even if I did, that information would not be made public until the first draft is sent out for review and then there will be changes. These decisions are being made by the CDC. They are assessing the need to change definitions for all HAIs. There is growing concern about BSI associated with all PIVCs, including short, long and midlines. You can use the same data collection methods now used for CLABSI to track your infections associated with any VAD including PIVCs. You can also find many articles about concern for PIV-BSI. Look for articles written by Michelle DeVries as she is an infection preventionists that has become a big proponent for attention to PIV-BSI. 

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