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From some info I received from Cubist Pharmaceuticals:

"Daptomycin is manufactured to ensure that the pH of the reconstituted product is between 4.0 and 5.0." Chart provided gives pH of 4.5 when reconstituted with 0.9% saline,4.59 to 4.84 using LR and 4.8-5.0 using sterile water for injection.

Osmolality varies with concentraion and diluent,from 265 (5mg/ml in LR) to 364 (50mg/ml in NS) to 38-47 using SWFI.

The document further states: "Daptomycin may be administered via a peripheral or central intravenous line,in part,based upon the health care provider's intravenous administration guidelines and/or policies. Clinical experience with daptomycin has been primarily with peripheral intravenous administration."

The prescribing information found on the product's website lists 'injection site reaction' from Phase 3 data at a rate of 5.8% ,comparing to Vanco at 7.7%.

I suggested that the company include this information in their prescribing information as it seems to be an oft-asked question in the vascular realm.

Thanks for posting this. I

Thanks for posting this. I never heard from the rep who was supposed to get this to me. This pH would mean that it should be infused through a central line. How long is the typical course for this drug in your experience? Thanks,Lynn 


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