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Halle Utter
Daptomycin - peripheral or central
Anyone have a policy for administration of Daptomycin (Cubicin)?  I can't find it on the vesicant/irritant list or on the new drug list that gives pH & osmolality.  For a 2-6 week course of almost anything I prefer PICCs, but this particular patient has a midline only.  I don't think this is acceptable for longterm.  Feedback?  Thanks so much.
Recently, I had a similar
Recently, I had a similar discussion with a local sales rep for this company at a conference. He did not provide the requested information for pH and osmolarity. My 2008 edition of Intravenous Medications also does not list the pH as it does for other drugs. I am not aware of any published reports of tissue injury with extravasation but there may not have been enough time for those cases to get published yet. So I do not have an answer to this question yet and hope someone else does. Lynn

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Robbin George
I called the manufacturer
I called the manufacturer (Cubist Pharmaceuticals) and was given the following information--Daptomycin/Cubicin Ph 4-5 Osmolarity 364--Also remember it is incompatible with Dextrose

Robbin George RN VA-BC

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