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CXR and Respiration

What is the best way to take a CXR for PICC tip location in relation to respirations?

Does anyone have literature to support a position on this?

 Our online course on Chest

 Our online course on Chest Radiograph Assessment and CVADs, with 2 radiologists as contributing authors, does not emphasize the phase of respiration for taking the xray for assessment of a CVAD tip location. This is the responsibility of the radiological technologists. Movement is the most important aspect to control so most chest xrays are taken when the patient has been instructed to take a deep breath and hold it while the picture is taken. It is not a matter of the phase of respiration or the air in the lungs. A chest xray for CVAD tip location is for the purpose of looking at the tip location in the vein. It is more important to understand the differences between AP and PA xrays and other basic aspects of radiology like what one is actually looking at on the film, differences in density, and the process for assessing the images seen. A chest xray for assessing other issues could be influenced by the respiratory phase, but I think the movement is a more important factor to eliminate. Go http;// to learn more about our online course on this and other topics. Lynn

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