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CVC volume

I was able to dig up an article from a long time ago: methods for determining the internal volumes of CVCs by Lawson and Vertenstein from Journal of Intravenous Nursing Volume 16, no. 3, May/June 1993.

I looked at the PICC placement for one of our patients

4French DL PowerPICC from BARD
34 cm cut
55 cm uncut
Uncut priming volume of red = 0.51 mL
Uncut priming volume of white = 0.38 mL

34 cm/55 cm=0.618 x 0.61 (red 0.51 mL + 0.1 for hub) = 0.38 mL for RED

Did I do the math correctly? Would the volume of most hubs be 0.1 mL?

 That is the classic article

 That is the classic article that first examined this process. Not sure if you would need to add a separate volume of the hub. I think the original manufacturer data includes the hub volume in the total priming volume for the uncut catheter. To be certain, this question should be confirmed by the specific manufacturer. Lynn


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