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Robbin George
CVC Insertion Video

I recieved the following Email from a colleague and was wondering if anyone could reference a resource for the type of educational material she is looking for--I will forward any responses to her--Thank you in Advance

Robbin George RN Vascular Access Resource Dept Alexandria Hospital in Virginia


"Hi Robbin.  My name is Barbara Collison and I am the charge nurse for
the IV Therapy Dept @ Montgomery General Hospital in Olney, Md.  I am
looking for a video that demonstrates the correct insertion of central
lines maintaining aseptic technique throughout.  Also, perhaps a video
that demonstrates the role of the "2nd" staff person who is "overseeing"
the proper technique following the "checklist" and who has the power to
stop the procedure if sterile technique is broken. This "bundling" video
would be very helpful to us for teaching purposes.  Do you have anything
like that or perhaps know where I might obtain an educational video
about the new "bundling" effort?  Thanks very much for you help."

anna liang
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