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CVC and PICC line lying in the same subclavian vein

I have never seen it done in practice. He has a portacath to the left chest. I place a triple PICC to RUA and the doctor's put in a CVC to right subclavian vein for CVP monitoring yesterday. I am thinking pulling PICC line because that leaves 2 lines in the same subclavian. Any feedback?




Karen Day
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just curious, is your triple
just curious, is your triple lumen catheter approved for CVP monitoring (I know Bard Catheters are, but not sure about med-comp - I think these are the only two companies that currently manufacture a triple lumen picc line). If you catheter is, I would recommend pulling the central line as the picc can be left in longer, I would also educate the MD's about your picc lines capabilities.  If it is not, its a tough call - how long does the patient need CVP monitoring?
Yes, I discussed with the
Yes, I discussed with the chief surgeon.. Unfortunately, the PICC cannot be used for CVP monitoring secondary to being a SOLO. We'll see what happens from here. Good thing is the surgeon said "Good point!"
Alma Kooistra
I believe SOLOs are labeled

I believe SOLOs are labeled OK for CVP monitoring.

Alma Kooistra RN CRNI

At this time, they are only
At this time, they are only approved for trends, not continuous. He needed extra access as well. Just a very sick man. They have all 6 lumens total infusing.
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