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Bill Jansens
CVAD Related thromotic events

I have two questions;

Firstly what is considered best practice in terms of post insertion anti thrombotic therapy. We currently use a low molecular weight heparin for 3 days.

Secondly, if thrombosis is discovered in veins with central vein catheters arethere guidelines on when you can continue to use them with anti-coagulation or when you should not? We have a mixed approach to this!

Bill Jansens

Oncology CNC


Currently, there are no

Currently, there are no recommendations or guidelines indicating any type of prophylaxis for catheter-associated vein thrombosis with any type of anticoagulant. There are a few, small studies, but none that have led to recommendations for any type of prophylaxis as a routine for all patients. Additionally there are no guidelines or recommendations on when the CVC should be removed versus allowed to remain in place with some type of treatment. At AVA meetings, discussions have focused on the benefits of allowing the CVC to remain in place while either doing some type of systemic thrombolysis or anticoagulation. Individual risk factors for each of these types of drugs must be considered. So I am not sure that one recommendation will ever meet the needs of all patients. Lynn

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