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maureen lawler
Ct Techs accessing implanted VADs
CT Techs start peripheral lines for power injection of contrast and they access 'Power" piccs as well for contrast.  So, if properly trained should they be identifying and accessing power vads with power needles for contrast.  Does this happen at your facility and if not what would be the rational for not having them learn? 
Gwen Irwin
The CT techs need info (and

The CT techs need info (and have been educated) to recognize a PowerPICC and prepare to access the PowerPICC. Once they identify a PowerPICC  or PowerPort they can give the contrast at the rate that is required.  The PowerPort needs to be accessed by an RN and then accessed to be patent by the CT tech.  If a PowerPort isn't accessed, the radiology nurse will access the port with the appropriate acccess devise.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

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