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cross sensitivities between latex &silicone?

 Within the last 6mos. we have had 2 pts. who we placed groshong piccs in, who developed a  severe thrombophlebitis in  picc arm within 24-36h after their picc insertion, they were both allergic to latex.  We used latex-free materials for the insertion. Has anyone seen a cross-sensiitivity between latex & silicone? Thanks, Barb Black

There have been some

There have been some sensitivity testing to catheter materials that have produced information that patients are generally not "allergic" to the silicone or polyurethane materials we now use for manufacturing catheters. Severe thrombophlebitis does not in any way suggest to me that the patient was allergic to anything. It suggests that other factors were involved - catheter size in relation to vein diameter, catheter advancement technique, catheter tip position. Check out this article:

1.    Leung P, Halpern GM, Gerswhin ME. Evaluation of possible histamine release from human peripheral blood cells using an enzyme immunoassay (HRT) with components of intravenous catheters. Allergy & Immunology. 1993;25:346-353.

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