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Gina Ward
CRNI EXAM, study choices


I am looking into taking the  CRNI exam and wondering what items any of you would recommend as a key study guide.

I see they have several recommendations but......what would you experienced test takers say  helped the most?.

I  have seen in the review sections on the Core Cirriculum book people say its in outline form and I much prefer to read detailed explanations and not have to seek out all that is " left out" .   I also saw somewhere a self study online course that might be good.

thanks in advance,  Gina Ward RN, VA-BC

I am not a good one to opine

I am not a good one to opine about this because I took it the very first year. But I do know that the INS Standards of Practice will be a top priority. All other specialities write their core curriculum book in outline format, so that is typical and it does not mean that things will be omitted. These are detailed outlines. 

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Gina Ward
Thanks.   I guess I worded it

Thanks.   I guess I worded it wrong.  Not so much that things will be omitted but a much condensed version /outline format.

I think my learning style benefits from a full sentences and detailed narrative.    But, as you say, I cant go wrong with those materials .    The INS standards of Practice I have sitting on my desk and use as a refernce every day.    Especially now that senior leadership is on my  back about putting in Midlines for everyone instead of PICC lines...   I just finished defending my actions and the appropriateness of PICC lines with longterm Vanco using the Standards, and the INS position paper on noncytotoxic vesicant administration.   

Thanks again.  I always appreciate your input and direction.


Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

I personally read the

I personally read the standards and used the study guide by Infusion knowledge with Kay  Coulter. It came with mp3 so I could download the lectures on my iTunes and listen to them anywhere. It also comes with a  workbook that you fill in as you listen. There’s A lot of information covered. She makes it easy. And she explains things so you will understand and remember. You also have the option of going to her live lectures. I tested in 2017. 

Gina Ward
thanks Corrie  I appreciate

thanks Corrie  I appreciate that.  Will look into that.

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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