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Crisis Standard of Care


During these difficult times, many clinicians on the frontlines have lots of questions about changes in practice. Recently, the American Nurses Association released this statement on Crisis Standards of Care.…/coronavirus/crisis-standards…
The decision to move to a crisis standard must be made on the local level and not by an outside expert or professional organization. Please review this new paper and carefully consider your practice changes. This may seem like a very weak answer to your situation, however the details of conditions and patient load will vary greatly between states, cities, and facilities. Our prayers are with you.

Gina Ward
This was very helpful Thank

This was very helpful Thank you. 

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

It's important to clarify

It's important to clarify that the ANA does not speak for licensing or regulatory agencies, which have positions on Crisis Standards of Care that differ from that of the ANA.  For reliable information on your state's regulatory guidance on Crisis Standards consult your state's licensing and regulatory bodies, not the ANA.

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