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Can anyone direct me to an article that indicates what time frame is used in determining if the CRBSI is related to the insertion process. I have been told 1-2weeks for adults and 72hours for Neonates but I want to have more evidence of this.


I have never seen this

I have never seen this written in those firm terms. What you will find is that catheters inserted for less than a week have more biofilm on the outer catheter surfaces while catheters dwelling for long than a week have more biofilm on the internal surfaces. The skin is the source of organisms (patient and caregiver's skin) producing biofilm within that first week. So s&s of infection at this time would be considered derived from the skin, may or may not be insertion related. After that the most common cause it hub manipulation that leads to intraluminal contamination and biofilom. 


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"Catheter-Related: It's All

"Catheter-Related: It's All About Biofilm" by Marcia Ryder refers to this, and lists some references.  This article uses 10 days - the majority of CLABSI after 10 days are due to intraluminal sources, as Lynn describes.

There are other articles, but this is what I have off the top of my head. 

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