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Covid 19 Home Infusion Therapy Pharmacy Challenges

I am with a relatively small HIT pharmacy provider attached to a large system in southern California. 

Is there anyone on this forum that is in the midst of preparation to address the challenges this could/will bring to continuing to provide care for patients? 

For us it's: Staffing shortages, potential drug shortages, PPE, billing compliance challenges, access to patients, potential nursing shortages. The list goes on.

Anyone with connections to providers in NYC or Washington state that are going through this right now that can provide insight? 

Thank you. Stay safe and well. 

Gina Ward
We actually have a  cover for

We actually have a  cover for our ultrasound unit;   Site Rite Ultrasound Cover,  I ordred them long ago for us to utilize in MRSA isolation rooms.

I played with it today ;   placed the cover kit on the unit itself, placed a probe cover  on the probe itself utilizing the gel and rubberbands, just as a base cover.  Then, I cut a probe cover top open  and dissconnected the Sherlock cord and covered the entire cord with the probe cover, and then re connected it.  then , I utilized the bag that the US cover kit came in as a cover for the sherlck and secured it with the rubber bands.    All of these are just a base cover, of course we utilize  an additional sterile pobe cover and the sherlock cover as well.

I havent actually had to put it to the test but wanted to have a plan . 



Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

Gina Ward
sorry wrong post.....   i 

sorry wrong post.....   i  couldnt figure out how to delete it. 

Gina Ward R.N., VA-BC

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