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Cook Micropuncture introducer set

Are there any thoughts on using a micropuncture 5 fr coaxial cathteter for poor venous access during initial diagnosis stage and then exchanging out for a PICC the next day if venous access will be required for extended period of time?

I know of such at an institution and would like to hear some feed back regarding the practice.  They place, in essence,  a 10 cm long soft sheath to obtain access for blood, infusion until the decision is made for further treatment.

My first thought is that

My first thought is that this is an off-label use for these introducer sheaths and that they are not that "soft". If they were soft enough to dwell in the vein, the PICC would not thread through them so easily.  Also, are they performing a strict sterile skin prep with draping when they insert this catheter? If not, I certainly would not be using it for a PICC insertion at a later time. All in all, not a good idea in my opinion. 


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