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continuous infusion of adriamycin at home
I work for a home infusion pharmacy and we have a referral for a patient to receive adriamycin continuously via a port continuously for 14 days.  We have previously done these infusions for up to 4 days.  A daily nursing visit was made to assess the port-check for blood return.  Patient was educated regarding the possible adverse reaction should the Huber needle dislodge and instructed to call us immediately should any problem be suspected with the port or the ambulatory infusion pump.  Any thoughts or opinions regarding this practice??  Would appreciate any input.
We do alot of continuous
We do alot of continuous adria infusions at home-sometimes with adira alone, but the majority of ours are in combination with other chemo drugs.  We always make sure we give pt.'s wriiten instructions regarding an extravasation-what to do and who to call.  We also provide them a laminated cared to carry with them that statest that they are receiving a vesicant chemotherapy that they can give to any healthcare provider if they have problems.  We started this after one of our pts went to a local ED with c/o of buring and pain at PAC site and they did blood cultures and gave her a dose of vanc thinking she had an infection, then sent her on her way with chemo still infusing.  Needless to say she had a nice extravastion that need plastics and a wound vac.  That was the only horror story we've had with an extravasation.  We have had small "leaks" that have been handled without any problem.  Hope this helps.
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