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Consenting in FLorida

Can anyone inform me of how the state of florida stands on consenting for a pICC line? WHat are theoptions..Ive heard of blanket consents and general consents, but are nursing consents allowed? Is there something in writing that would prove the options to risk management. We are beginning to start a PICCprogram, but adm/ risk management wants more info regarding this matter. What is appropraite according to FL law.

Thanks, RN

ladena rhoden
We have been obtaining our

We have been obtaining our own PICC consents in Florida since 1994.  The consultants brought in prior to JCAHO surveys have always been satisfied with the premise: the nurse does the patient education and the nurse puts the line in.  Our risk managers continue to support this practice.

We are in SW Florida.  Most teams that I am aware of on this side of the state have the same procedure.

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Of the three major health

Of the three major health chains in Central Florida the nurses obtain the PICC consent.  Again the nurse are the ones who know the most about the procedure and do the education.  If the patient's are unsure we can always wait for the clarifiacation given to the patient by the physician.  Risk is fine with this procedure.  There has been some dicussion about weather we need a new conset to replace the line-- currently we obtain a conset for each procedure.  At some institutions they saw one conset is good for the whole time the patient is admitted.

Thank you so much for this
Thank you so much for this clarification. I may contact you very soon. I appreciate it.
holly hess
At our hospital, we have

At our hospital, we have been told by our risk management supervisor that it is Florida law that a physician obtain the consent. The physicians balked at this for several months after we started our service, but risk was adamant. At this point we expect the physician to explain the risks, benefits, and alternative treatments of the PICC line to the patient. As inserters, we explain the potential risks of the procedure. This blend works well for us and we have finally gotten all the physicians in line with this process. The physician is the one who will actually get the consent form signed, however.

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