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Consent for midline catheters

Our consent form used to cover midlines and PICC's but our hospital recently developed a consent for all centra,l lines so we have been using that for PICC's and have a generic consent for midlines. Just wondering if others get consent for midlines. My feeling was that we should get consent to protect the nurse since it is a charged procedure using an ultrasound, but wondering what others do/think.




consent for midlines

We get verbal consent for midlines as it does not require a doctor's order.  This went through our Risk Management. 

How are you charging for it?  Our Charge Masters team has not found a code that covers.  I know that Bard has indicated that some are using PICC insertion as the charge but that code requires central insertion which a midline is not.  I gave all that information to our specialists and as of yet they have not found a way to charge.  I am asking them to look at the possibility of at least charging for ultrasound evaluation which I think we should be able to charge when we use ultrasound for IV starts.

I document the verbal consent thoroughly.

Mary Penn RN VA-BC

St Charles, MO


We have to have an MD order.

We have to have an MD order. The CPT we use to charge midline insertion is  36569

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