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ladena rhoden
Concurrent infusions

We have been having discussions amongst ICU and IV staff nurses on the subject of whether or not it is okay to run a drip (such as Cardizem 1mg/ml at 15ml/hr ) with a compatible infusion (such as D51/2NS at 125ml/hr).  Both on pumps.

The ICU nurses have the position that this is going to infuse the drug too fast and should not be done.

The IV nurses have the position that if the rate is properly controlled, it should be okay to do.

I think the ICU nurses are concerned about 'speed shock'.  Are we just focusing too heavily on trying to make 3 lumens enough for IV therapy and overlooking a valid concern?


Gwen Irwin
Here is how I have to think

Here is how I have to think about that.

If the Cardizem is 1 drop in 1 ml or 1 drop in 50 ml, it is still 1 drop.  Yes, dilution would occur within the tubing, but the  rate would not change, because there is still 1 drop in however many ml of fluids.  It would not cause more than the number of drops than the pump is programmed.

Hope this helps.  We had acute care nurses worried about PCA not getting to the patient fast enough with KVO rate NS.  I think the concern is the same, just not understanding that the dose of the med is not being changed when the rate of the other fluid's rate is changed.

Gwen Irwin

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