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Denise Harper
codes for PICC's & midlines

For those facilities placing PICC's and Midlines--

Are midlines reimbursable?

Are there separate billing codes for the 2 procedures?

Do you charge the same amount if you use the same procedure (MST), the only difference is the catheter length?

Do you have a separate order (in the computer) for the 2 or do you have the staff order a PICC then the placer decide whether to use a PICC or midline?

 Any information you can share would be most appreciated. I have my forms/paperwork.

Pam Jaspers
 Sorry - this is not a

 Sorry - this is not a reply.  it is a new subject.  I am a new user!

Can anyone share with me your experiences with Bard's Triple lumen Power PICC in ICU?

Also, are you using it to draw your lab specimens?

If so, what is your procedure?

Anyone using a blood-sparing device to draw specimens from your PICCs?

Gwen Irwin
It is my understanding that

It is my understanding that midlines are not reimbursable, regardless of the technique or technology used.  The codes are specific for central venous catheters, including PICCs.

You can check out the code's descriptions.  We do not charge for midlines based on that info.

Gwen Irwin

Austin, Texas

Denise: That was a question


That was a question asked last year at the Society of Interventional Radiology Meeting

the answer presented:  A midline is not a central line and has no separate coding.  They suggested billing as a PICC but putting a -56 at the end to state similiar procedure but  not the same as.  Reimbursement can be denied 

You can have staff order venous access consult and the placer decides the right device.  More likely it is a PICC in a hospital setting 




Kathy Kokotis

Bard Access Systems

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