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clotted PICC lines

Do you know why we only talk about clotting with PICC lines?

It is because we truly have no idea what the rate is with the triple lumen catheters

Even in hospitals with IV Teams there is no declotting of the acute care CVC's even though by the way they clot.  Why?  They tie them in a knot (the extension leg of one liumen), they tape them closed don't use, etc.  The clot all right but no-one treats them.

 The occlusion rate is about 15-25% by the way (that is based on sliuggish flow or no blood return) 

Think about what I just said and tell me if I am wrong.  We are way more aware of all complications with PICC lines than any other line.  Why?  That is the only VAD that has an educated consumer group dealing with the line.

food for thought for today!!! 


Or the nurses are told to
Or the nurses are told to call the PICC nusres what to do about the triple lumen that is not working.  Often our floor nurses take better care of the PICC.
Heather Nichols
  Kathy,    We get calls



   We get calls about our central lines all the time to declott, but you are correct in the rest.  I got a call last week from a nurse that said her triple lumen was acting funny.  Come to find out, it was tied in a knot in the subclavian (from day one on insertion) and the radiologist and inserting doc ok'ed it to use.  Imagine that.....

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