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CLC 2000 coming off PICC lines

At our facility, we have recently had an increase of CLC 2000 needleless connectors coming off our PICC lines.

I am looking into the idea of staff manipulation, patient "twiddler syndrome", and staff just removing caps and not realizing it is a necessary part of the PICC.

I am interested in some thoughts from other Vascular Access Teams and their experiences.

I cant say I have ever hear

I cant say I have ever hear of it happening.

Fidelma Connor Cancer centre Northern Ireland

Angela Lee
Up until recently we have
Up until recently we have used the CLC 2000.  We have not had a problem with caps being removed either by the patient or the staff.  However, I have seen the luer portion that spins not engaged so that the cap could easily slip out with little effort.  This is an educational issue, I believe, and your problem may also be related to education.
We've used the CLC2000 for

We've used the CLC2000 for years and haven't seen this.



Raquel M. Hoag, BSN, RN, PHN, VA-BC

Robbin George
The CLC requires a 2-part
The CLC requires a 2-part application process--The Slip tip must be well engaged first and then the Luer collar must be tightened--We have used this valve for 5 years with only few incidence of either staff or patient removal--The most aggregious incident was by a nurse who disconnected a running IV from a PICC so the patient could be transported to Xray--When the patient arrived in Radiology the tech found the patient head to toe in a pool of blood--I responded to the STAT call and of course found the hub both uncapped and unclamped--The patient, nurse and tech all survived the trauma--Now that we use the SOLO there is an additional barrier with the intergral valve and of course no pesky clamps   

Robbin George RN VA-BC

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