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clamps on the extension set

Our facility uses a neutral needleless connector extension set.  These have a clamp on them.  There seems to be some skin/pressure issues caused by the clamp.  Since there is no clamping sequence necessary for neutral connectors, why is there a clamp?  Is there any hazard to removing the clamp.  Or better yet does anyone know of a product that comes without a clamp.  Right now we are ordering a specialty item that is costly.

Thank you, Celia

 Is the needleless connector

 Is the needleless connector permanently bonded to the extension set or not? If it is not bonded, I think the clamp would be needed because the NC could easily be disconnected accidentally. Are you talking about using these on a PIV or CVAD? If one a CVAD, I would want the extra security of the clamp to prevent air emboli. If bonded, there would not be as much risk, but I would not like to use a bonded one. I strongly believe that a NC should not be used for any continuous infusion in hospitalized patients. The new SHEA Compendium Chapter on CLABSI includes a statement about the use of NCs for continuous infusion is an unknown issue. I don't understand why the clamp could possibly be causing skin issues because they can easily be moved to a different location on the extension set. How long is the extension set? Is it too short to move the clamp outside of the area of the dressing? Lynn

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