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clamp damaged extension set from PICC

We have used an open PICC from Vygon for 7 weeks.  At the moment of removal of the PICC it was not longer posssible to withdraw blood using the Vacutainer system.  We only could withdraw blood manually via syringes. The clamp on the extension set of the PICC had folded the extension set in that way that it causes resistance. The clamp on the extension set is a small type (as you can find on acute CVCs). Has anyone had such a problem before?  Or don't you clamp the PICC when not in use?

Thanks in advance, Lieve


Catheters can be clamped but

Catheters can be clamped but the site of the clamp should be moved so that the same segment of the set is not being clamped all the time. Material fatigue and a permanent crease is the results as you have seen. Just move the clamp to different locations on the set each day. Lynn


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Glenda Dennis
We do not use vacutainer's
We do not use vacutainer's for drawing from a PICC.  The pressure created can collapse the catheter.  We only hand draw with a 10cc barrel sized syringe.
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