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Ann Williams RN CRNI
chlorascrub--one more time--HELP!

I posted this previously and didn't hear from anyone.  I need your help...soon!  If any of you use ChloraSCRUB (vs. ChloraPREP) please get back with me.  If you want to contact me directly that would be great...I am at [email protected];  or call me at 812-480-2812.  I will also check back here.  I am needing to know thoughts from anyone that uses or has used you feel about it over Chloraprep...any problems, etc.  Or even if you don't use it, but have trialed, or have thoughts, please let me know.  I am amazed that I can't seem to find anyone saying they use it, but yet I do have a list of hospitals that use it.  I want to hear from my peers, so please get back with me.