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Laura Cook CRNI
chloraprep / silicone catheters
Does chloraprep breakdown silicone based catheters?  Currently looking for a good midline line catheter kit.  Would anyone recommand silicone or polyurethane. The per Q cath is silicone.  Arrow has one that is polyurethane.  I like the look of the per Q cath--it looks unique.  Arrow just looks like a short PICC.  What's everybody else think?
Chlorhexidine gluconate and
Chlorhexidine gluconate and isopropyl alcohol are the components of Chloraprep and neither have any known problems being tolerated by silicone. I would also prefer a polyurethane catheter over a silicone catheter because of its stronger properties. But some types of polyurethane can not tolerate alcohol. So check with manufacturers instructions for use to learn their exact statements about alcohol on their catheters. These instructions are specific to each brand of polyurethane. Lynn

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We have been using

We have been using chloraprep with all dressing changes and this includes midlines, we currently are carring Bard midlines that are of silicone, have not had any problems that we are aware of, Bard does state the useage of chlorhexidine is ok. The Bard product per Q cath is ok, has introducer with it..we carry both Per q cath and Power picc's, sometimes we do not see the need for picc when a patient is just getting solumedrol, yes i know we need to more piccs, but we have a small team and we are 450 bed hospital..thanks for listening..

Lorrie, RN, CRNI IV TEAm

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We use Chloroprop for all of
We use Chloroprop for all of our catheters and have no problem.  We use BD First Midcath, silicone catheter for our midline.  I like the silicone catheter for long term as I have had patients tell me it is more comfortable that the poly ones but it also has a smaller internal lumen that can affect flow rate and ability to draw labs if needed.
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