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Aria Hsu
CHG scrubbing technique

I heard someone said when clean the central line cathether insertion site with chg, it's best to scrub it using hashtags motion instead or circular method from center to outer. Is there any evidence supporting this?

The proper way to scrub for

The proper way to scrub for skin antisepsis is to use a back and forth motion. Circular motion is what  was done prior to using chlorhexidine, however the studies on CHG were specifically conducted with a back and forth scrubbing motion. Circular motion is not scrubbing and is really only painting the solution on the skin. The scrubbing motion gets to the lower layers of the epidermis and is stated in the CHG instructions for use. YOu also much use the appropriate amount of solution to cover the area and for the full 30 second scrub time and 30 second drying time. 

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