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CHG Impregnated Dressing VS Biopatch

Good evening,

 I have seen a few older questions addressing CHG Impregnated dressings vs. Biopatch. The former appears to be the INS recommendation in the absence of specific skin conditions.  

Would anyone be able to share expeirce with the dressing?  Also, I have found the 3M Tegaderm to be the only product on the market.  Is this sthe case?  Currently we use Biopatch on both CVADs and PIVs. 

All thoughts welcome!  And thank you.

Bipatch is a type of CHG

Bipatch is a type of CHG impregnated dressing, along with the CHG gel dressing and the dressings with CHG in the entire TSM. The langauge in the INS SOP does not specify or favor one over the other. The INS statement is "chlorhexidine gluconate(CHG)-containing dressings unless contraindicated---" This would include all 3 types of CHG dressings. Evaluate all 3 and use the one that is most appropriate for your staff skill levels and your contract purchasing limitations. 

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Yes,  and thanks so much.  

Yes,  and thanks so much.  

Bobbi Price MSN, RN


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