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Daphne Broadhurst
Chemo IV bolus administration in the home

We are currently revising a protocol for safe IV bolus administration of 5FU (i.e., 25 mL over 4 min)  in the home setting. Would appreciate hearing what protocols other home infusion companies are using, particularly those who are administering these boluses IV push (which currently is only performed at the cancer centre).

Many thanks,

Daphne Broadhurst RN
Desjardins Pharmacie

We do a lot of chemotherapy
We do a lot of chemotherapy in the home.  Rarely do 5FU as a bolus but depending on the dose IV push is an option if it's going in a central catheter.  An elastomeric pump is also a good option.  And last but least gravity with a control a flow is also a choice.  This is a drug that allows different methods of infusion.  I think you have to look at each instance and choose which one works best for that patient.
Daphne Broadhurst
Debbie, thank you very much

Debbie, thank you very much for responding (I haven't been successful in finding much info on this topic)! Would you have a policy/protocol (formal or otherwise) that you could kindly share regarding IV chemo bolus administration (i.e., IV push), particularly in the home setting? Have you experienced any adverse events with IV push administration of chemo in the home setting- any special precautions you'd recommend? Please feel free to contact me at the coordinates below.

Most gratefully,

Daphne Broadhurst
email: dbroadhurst[at]oms[dot]ca
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Daphne Broadhurst
Desjardins Pharmacy
Ottawa, Canada

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