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Charge for central line blood draws

Anyone out there with knowledge related to outpatient billing and coding for blood draws from a central line?  We have been asked by lab to begin drawing labs from central lines and I am trying to determine if any revenue can be generated from performing this service in our center.  Can you charge for drawing blood from a central line in an outpatient setting (Hospital outpatient infusion center) if that is all that is done?  If so, what CPT is used for coding this type of service?  Also, if the outpatient lab running the test is part of your facility, does that impact whether you can code and charge for this type of service in the infusion center?  Would this commonly be bundled into what the lab charges for running the test in this type of facility set-up? Any and all responses are greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time for sharing your knowledge.

Sarah Jones
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There is a CPT code for

There is a CPT code for blood draws from an implanted port:  36591

There is a separate code for blood draws from a central or peripheral line:  36592

 Whether the code will be reimbursed is another story. 


Sarah Jones RN, BSN, OCN, CRNI

Sarah Jones
Manager APN/Infusion Services/ ET
Oncology CNS

We also use:  96523 -

We also use:  96523 - Irrigate VAD only (when no thereapy given)

        and       36593 - declotting of VAD by RN  and 36000 - IV heplock, no infusion - if we place a line for another department

in our hospital based outpatient setting



Are these codes used for
Are these codes used for outpatients only? Our PICC team places peripheral IVs in our hospital. We are trying to find a code to bill for them if it's even possible. Sarah is right, billing is one thing, but getting reimbursed is another. Thanks!

Cindy Hunchusky, BSN, RN, CRNI

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