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Changing PICC or central lines after code situation

Our infection prevention team is wondering if anyone routinely changes out PICC or central lines after a code situation? 

Are you asking about a CVC

Are you asking about a CVC that was inserted during a code situation? If so, CDC guidelines states that all catheters inserted during an emergent situation where proper skin asepsis can not be employed should be changed as soon as the patient is stable or within 48 hours. Many people apply this statement only to those catheters inserted by EMS outside the hospital, however the statement applies to all catheter types and all settings.

I am not aware of any standards or guidelines stating that a catheter should be changed after a code when it was placed under proper conditions before the code situation. Eager to know what others are doing. Lynn

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No I meant placed prior to a

No I meant placed prior to a code under sterile conditions.  The infection prevention team is questioning technique during a code, scrubbing the hub etc.  So we are looking to see if anyone changes the line out after a code.

Wendy Erickson RN
We do not replace perfectly

We do not replace perfectly good lines on a routine basis on the chance that they might become infected.  We work so hard to keep good lines in place as it is! 

Wendy Erickson RN
Eau Claire WI

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