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Changing PICC dressings

I am looking to find out how others are changing the dressing once the first stat lock has to be removed.  Are most replacing with a new one or using something else.  We use steri strips but we are trying to get stat locks to use.   Are there any other securement devices out there besides statlock and the bone.  We know about those two.  Thanks

Gwen Irwin
We use StatLocks.  We used

We use StatLocks.  We used to deal with securement with steri-strips.  I looked at the number of 2nd PICC placements, due to migrations.

Using that # of migrations, I took the cost of supplies, etc. to replace and proposed the use of StatLock to prevent this expense.  We can buy a lot of StatLocks for the cost of even 1 PICC tray, supplies, repeat xrays, etc.  Expanding that to the annual number of PICC replacements for migration made the purchase of them seem insignificant.  That is how we got the StatLocks in.

We still have an occasional migration, but it has decreased significantly since using the StatLock.

Gwen Irwin

Gilda Taylor
We use statlocks at the time
We use statlocks at the time of picc line insertion and every 7 days changed with picc line dressing and biopatch. Plus valves changed,too.
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