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Jackie Behm
Change from Interlink IV tubing to Clearlink IV tubing
I am interested in comments from anyone who has decided to switch from Baxter Interlink IV tubing to Baxter Clearlink tubing.  Did the transition go smoothly?  If not, why?  Would you recommend the change based on your experience?  Any increase in infection rates?  Thank you for your opinions!  If you would be willing to talk to me by email or phone, please contact me.
ladena rhoden
One of the hospitals I am

One of the hospitals I am working at will be converting from Interlink to Clearlink/Flolink in July (barring any unforeseen obstacles).  I thought long and hard about this because of the information concerning increased infection rates.  In fact, I would recommend the change only if the Flolink is to be used at the IV sites.

We have used Clearlink at the other hospital for a few years now and I have not been pleased with how technique-dependent the valve is, as well as how the septum does not always return to flush postion.  Last year I looked at the Q-Syte, but the evaluations (3 months worth) were not positive - which was a surprise and disappointment to me.

The Clearlink is fine on the tubing, but I think the Flolink will be a better choice for the IV sites.  I will be glad to let you know how the conversion goes.  Email me at

[email protected]

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