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"Chair" for PICC insertion

We are needing additional PICC placement options.  We have one bed in our Outpatient Infusion department and at times it is being used by a previously scheduled patient requiring a bed for therapy.  We do not have additional rooms that can accomodate a bed, which means we often have to refuse an outpatient PICC placement requiring the patient to go to another facility for PICC placement. 

Anyone out there using an outpatient infusion "chair" or other furniture to place PICC lines?  I haven 't been able to find one with an arm attachment.  Other thoughts?  We have thought about using a surgical cart with an arm  attachment. 

Thanks for any input. 


Sarah Jones
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Picc Chair

we use one of the infusion is actually a recliner with side trays that fold up.  Often times we use an over the bed tray table if we need extra support for the arm.

Sarah Jones
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 My first choice is of course

 My first choice is of course a comfortable bed for he patient. That said, sometimes you have to consider the situation and configure something that you feel will work for the patient and your technique. I have even placed a PICC while the patient was in a wheelchair (motorized type that could recline) and I sat on an exam stool. Extra side tables to support the arm always help. Our room has a narrow flouro type cart so I use a bedside table with towles on it for padding & positioning.

The goal is for them to be as supine as possible......but we all know that is not always possible. An ICU patient in severe resp distress will not tolerate a flat bed either.


Besides the procedure....CARE

Besides the procedure....CARE for your back/neck!

Can you raise the chair to the proper position for your ergnomics?....Will your ultrasound stand position (up or down) so that your neck is in proper position?

Think about it.....

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