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Central Venous Catheter and a PICC Catheter

Just wondering the advantage and disadvantage of both Central Venous Catheter and a PICC Catheter. All informative data will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

A PICC is a type of central

A PICC is a type of central vascular access device, so I don't understand your question. 

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Good Question!

Good Question!

CVC or a Central Venous catheter is as Lynn says a central line. However, there are differences. Practicioners in the hospitals use the term CVC as a physician inserted central line, or a short term central line inserted into the jugular, subclavian, or femoral vein. So even though it technically shares the same venous catheter nomenclature as a PICC, a PICC is different. A PICC line is inserted usually at bedside by a Vascular Access nurse and can stay in for months. So, in a very generic sense, they act the same. However, it would be be like saying a BMW is the same as a Chevy Sonic. Both cars, but not the same.


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