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Angela Williams
Central Line infections

Help..I will ask one question at a time tonite about this topic.Please post how you draw blood cultures when looking for line infection..One set from the peripheral and one set from the line.Do you draw them simultaneously them come back in 15-20 min and draw one set from line and one set from arm? What do you use to clean bottle tops? What do you use to clean hub/connector on line?Do you draw off a discard? How do you deal with reports that come back possible contaminents? Most time Md's want line out now, not willing to wait for final report. All responses appreciated


Nina Elledge
Here in WYO we draw

Here in WYO we draw peripheral and line cultures at the same time.

bottle tops are cleaned w/ chg

direct connect closest to patient for line draw, prep w/ chg wipe

we do not discard from line.

possible contaminants are evaluated by looking at other patient symptoms, then discussed w/ Dir. Epidemiology and ID doc. Usually end up re-drawing first unless they are really sick, then consideration is given to line removal.

Nina Elledge, RN, CRNI

[email protected]

Nina Elledge, RN, MBA, CRNI

[email protected]

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