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Central Line Blood Draws

I wanted to get some feedback on the topic of Pediatric Central Line Blood Draws:

Is it acceptable to use a sterile contained three-way-stop-cock, draw waste blood from a central line, draw your specimen, and then reintroduce the waste specimen for pediatric blood draws?

Is anyone using this practice to decrease anemia in their pediatric populations?  Does anyone have supportive reserach or evidence based articles on this topic?


Thanks for your input and feedback!



The reinfusion method is not

The reinfusion method is not recommended due to the risk of reintroducing clots. Stopcocks are also known for their risk of contamination, so if you choose to use this method, you will need to focus on 2 things. Using a heparinized syringe to hold the discard blood so that you decrease the risk of clots. And use the stopcock for one blood draw then detach and discard it without leaving it permanently attached to the catheter hub. Even with this I still have serious reservations about the reinfusion method. The mixing method is better or better yet point-of-care testing so you do not need a larger volume of blood to send to the lab. Lynn

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