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Central line and PICC carts

 Hello vascular access nurses...We are trying to streamline our US and PICC carts into one and need clarification on what the requirements are for these carts.  I was told it had to lock and be fire retardant.  I get the lock needing to be on it but fire retardant????  It doesn't seem to be an option for most of the carts listed on the manufacturer's websites for medical supplies.   I see aluminum, steel, plastic, etc.  It needs to be mounted on the PICC cart but the carts I have seen that are fire retardant are extremely heavy and will really weigh it down.  Is there a website for Joint Commission that lists the requirements?? I found the original website for them but it doesn't seem to have any info on it.  Please advise as we need something lightweight and easy to roll around with one person.   Christy 

jill nolte

Linda Lembo has a webinar on on building a cart. 

 Awesome, thanks so much Jill

 Awesome, thanks so much Jill :)


Christin Dillon RN VA-BC

Rhonda Wojtas
Keep in mind if you mount

Keep in mind if you mount your ultrasound machine to a cart, then you may have an issue going into a precation room. The ultrasound machine can easily be covered for CDiff or other precautions but an entire cart would be difficult.

Rhonda Wojtas, RN VA-BC

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